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Does your content speak to the same people who would buy your products?

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Why you're looking for us

Gladspring specializes in holistic content strategies for distinguished companies, allowing them to attract audiences who truly desire their products.
Most advice on content and social media is not applicable for companies serving cultivated customers. Our mission is to provide these businesses with feasible strategies that help attract audiences who are genuinely interested in their bespoke products and services. At the same time, we strive to improve your brand's image and make you distinguishable from your competitors.
For well over 20 years, we have been working remotely with various individuals and teams, from artists to educational institutions to stock companies. Initially a web development agency, we handcrafted some of the first parts of the Internet. Even today, we also view each of our projects from a technical angle to determine possible weaknesses early on and give recommendations to improve user experience. Combined with our elaborate content analyses and strategies, we propel our clients' digital efforts even when resources are limited.

A new approach to content

The key to successful content is broadening your horizons. Our holistic strategies encompass content on all platforms so your customers can enjoy a cohesive experience. But we go even further: By analyzing your audience holistically, we uncover hidden potential for content far beyond the obvious.

  • Holistic process
  • Content strategy
  • Omnichannel
Content Strategy: architectural photo

The magical brand

Today's customers expect what traditional publishers have been giving them for decades: an immersive experience. An experience that ties them to their brand. For us, content is not about marketing but about reputation. It's the most effective tool you have to change how people perceive your brand.

  • Immersive Experiences
  • Brand reputation
  • Customer loyalty
Brand Reputation: photo of a mountain

Tailored to your audience

Identifying the right audience is easy; attracting them is hard. You're competing against magazines, influencers, and channels that fight for your customers' attention. By knowing what fascinates your audience and allocating your resources accordingly, you'll gain competitive advantage.

  • Audience Analysis
  • Resource allocation
  • Remote Trainings
Audience Analysis: photo of person with an umbrella

Invisible but vital

For your audience to find your content, it needs to appeal to search engines as well. On-site SEO, quick load times, and flawless UX determine if content is seen or overlooked. With over two decades of experience in website development, we'll identify the cracks in your content's foundation.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Site speed
  • User Experience
User Experience: photo of an abstract machine

Boutique is better

As a boutique consultancy, we develop effective and future-proof strategies for our clients instead of striving to increase our own ROI. In a knowledge industry like ours, that often requires diving deeper instead of swimming faster. That's why we heavily invest in education and R&D.

  • Full service
  • Deep research
  • Knowledge culture
Consultancy: portrait of our founder

What people hire us to do


See where you stand

We thoroughly research your company, audience, content, and industry to provide you with a clear picture of where your business stands. Usually, this will reveal the most crucial pain points. Our analysis does not include strategic recommendations.


Know where to go

We provide you with a content strategy that delivers on your objectives and improves your image. This includes a full analysis. If your contents have already been analyzed externally, we can offer you a strategy based on that analysis at a reduced rate.


Trust a guide

Our workshops ensure that you and your teams will have the capabilities to implement our strategies in-house. All trainings are tailored to your individual goals and resources. We offer remote trainings for groups of up to 3 people for best results.


COVID-19 Relief: For companies suffering from the global pandemic, we offer entry solutions at reduced rates for a limited time.

What our clients say

“Mr. Hetzel laid the foundation for the continuous success of Jura Individuell. We can only hope that Gladspring will keep advising us strategically for many years to come.”

Peter Rellensmann

“Mr. Hetzel thoroughly analyzed our company and our strategic goals. We've been very pleased with his services; in fact, he exceeded our expectations. We gladly recommend Gladspring.”

Andreas Creutzmann

“We have trusted Mr. Hetzel and his agency, Gladspring, for many years now. We are particularly impressed with the way Mr. Hetzel combines creativity and good taste.”

Werner Ruisinger